• Rehan Poonawala

What are we doing ?

“The best way to prepare for the future 20 years is to find something you love to do, to have a shot at being one of the best people in the world at it.”

We at ComXR believe that, in the future, our digital interactions will be powered through immersive media, primarily VR. We are building the tools, resources, and experience for a future where, quite like the mobile phone today, everyone will own a headset for personal use.

We started–18 months ago–in exploratory mode talking to potential enterprise customers on how they can leverage VR to improve their business.

We figured out pretty quickly that VR could help companies in the visualization space. We scoped up industries with products that were large to move or not yet created: real estate and automotive stood out from the rest. Both sectors needed one thing in common: high-quality visual fidelity. With price-points of over INR 1 Cr. or $200,000, VR was only valuable if customers felt like they were looking at a real-life, final product. After several hard months of iteration and development, we were able to achieve realistic visuals in VR for our clients.

Small but powerful Interactions with customers have given us confidence in our belief that VR is here to stay. Our users have bought apartments worth over INR 2 Cr. just by touring the property in a PC VR headset from the comfort of their homes. This starkly contrasts the traditional process of going to a site and evaluating ongoing construction. We have also seen a car enthusiast spend over 30 minutes inside a VR headset, carefully choosing inlay shades, seat colors and specific car trims. The car he was customizing he eventually bought–for over INR 1.2 Cr.

While we continue to build high-quality visual fidelity experiences for sales and marketing, we have moved to phase 2: building utility applications. We define utility applications as those that leave the user better off after they have used the application. These could include heavy machine training, soft skill training for retail employees or complex surgical planning. They work to increase safety, boost outcomes and improve lives.

However, these problems are often harder to solve. We are collaborating with institutions and companies to develop VR applications that both improve outcomes and serve as a viable business use cases. Our current efforts focus on the development of training applications in the Oil&Gas, medical and automotive manufacturing sectors with multiple stakeholders in various positions on building workable models for training in VR.

With the VR industry in a nascent stage, there is a huge market for content creation, particularly if you are one of the first to find a new application. While we will continue to build applications to serve enterprises, we are still extremely enthusiastic about bringing VR to a larger audience and going straight to the consumer. We are working on something big and scalable that we are currently testing with small audiences to bring VR to the masses, we can’t wait to share it with you!

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