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Our most interesting projects in 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

1. Automotive Virtual Dealership platform.

Our virtual reality solution has been deployed at 26 Audi dealership across INDIA. You can choose the car, See all the features, and customize your own car. It’s better for the dealership as they can now have one variant of the car and remaining they can show in the VR headset. An average user spends about 10-15 minutes interacting with all the features and later 15-20 minutes customizing his own car. He can select the exterior color, interior seat colour, inlay, Rims, etc. Audi has increased its sales meetings and has sold flagship cars even before they were launched by showing the car in VR.

2. Real estate virtual show flat.

Birla estates continue to use our VR solutions for their upcoming projects. We started working for Birla Estates in 2016 when we developed a VR experience for their 3BHK and a Touchscreen experience to explain the entire Project. This got an amazing response at their launch event and people loved to see what their future home is going to look like and what view are they going to get from different heights. After this, they usually build one sample flat at the experience center and they show the remaining configuration VR. Real estate companies can save over 90% of their show flat costs and sell more apartments.

3. Virtual training simulation.

Our VR experience has been used by US-based Oil and Gas Company called Frank’s International. This is a multiplayer experience where the trainer and trainee can be in the same environment and go through different scenarios that happen at the actual site. We created 3 different sites with multiple scenarios that help the trainee get acclimatize to the actual site and hats perform different tasks on which he is assessed by the trainer. The cost involved in teaching these trainees on the actual machines and the actual site is much higher than teaching the exact same thing in VR. They managed to bring down the training cost by 70% by using our VR solution.

4. Surgical simulations

It's difficult to train the surgeons on complex surgeries as there aren’t enough cases that you see with such problems. Because of which a limited number of doctors have the expertise to perform these complex surgeries. In a few cases, the patient has to wait for days for the doctor’s availability. This problem is now being solved with the help of our VR solution. Surgeons are now being trained on complex surgeries and how to use a certain tool in the surgery using VR. Companies are able to reduce surgical training costs multiple times and allow for a better training experience for their surgeons.

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