• Neil Parekh

Markets where Virtual Reality was used Extensively in 2019.

1) Real Estate.

With the current cash crunch in the Real Estate market, more and more developers are opting for VR technology. Virtual show flat costs you 1/8th of what the actual show flat does and also lets you customize and give a personal touch to your space. This is one of the main reasons why you see a lot of big players opting for VR gears at their site and smaller developers are likely to follow this trend soon.

2) Automotive.

Brands like Audi and Tesla have started using VR in their stores. Audi, on the other hand, is planning to launch a lot of mobile showrooms globally, which will have this technology. Also, it is the Brand experience that they want to provide to their customers with this technology. Other automobile brands are surely going to follow this trend.

3) Health-care.

This is another industry that has started using VR technology for VR assistance, giving a pleasant experience to the patient, and teaching medicine to students using VR. From haptics devices that let you ‘feel’ your virtual environment to real-time animated human AI and first-person experiences of patient lives, these new developments are what’s in store for all of us in medical simulation in the years to come.

4) Training Programs

Premier institutes have set up VR labs in their institutes and are teaching them new technologies using VR gears. Manufacturers are also opting for VR setups to up-skill their workers with Practical knowledge by directly placing them in the actual environment that we have created virtually and also letting them interact with the machine virtually. This saves a lot of cost on procuring the actual machinery, which sometimes costs a few crores.

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