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How to deploy a safe and comfortable VR experience in this Pandemic.

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Overview of the situation.

In the current Pandemic, people are less likely to turn up to any events, showrooms, and Experience centres to take a VR Experience.

But now with most of the businesses opening back, You would want people visiting your experience centres.

The Brand will have to go out of their way to make people feel safe and comfortable if they want to increase the footfalls.

Here are a couple of sanitary measures that you can take for your VR activations.

Steps to sanitize your VR Headset without damaging it.

For most of the VR headset, Controllers, and laptop, it is recommended to use alcohol-based wipes to clean the system.

You can also use an alcohol-based spray and a cloth to clean the body of the headset and the controllers.

However, make sure that these spray and wipes don’t come in contact with the lenses as it can damage them.

For the lenses, the best way to clean them is by using a glass cleaning wipes.

Avoid using UV sanitizing boxes to disinfect the headset as it can definitely damage the lenses.

After sanitizing with wipes, make sure to clean it using a dry cloth as the alcohol might cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Never expose your headset to direct sunlight for a longer period as it can damage the headset.

In the end here’s the most important thing.

Train your staff.

So that they can follow all these processes and ensure the safety of your customers.

For more info get in touch.

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