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Experiences that will help you boost your sales in the Real-estate market.

Here are a few experiences that will definitely help you convert a prospect into a buyer.

1) Touchscreen Experience for your salespeople.

This can be an interactive experience that will easily engage your customers for 15-30 minutes. Everything about your project including all your amenities, nearby landmarks, different categories of apartments that the project has, can be conveyed. Multiple apartments can also be compared simultaneously.

Future development can be shown using CGI and animations. The status of all the available flats can be tracked live. This can be deployed on a huge screen as well as tablets or phones that your salespeople can carry for their home visits. This will help you create a uniform pitch and your salespeople would not miss out on any point.

Here’s a touchscreen experience that we created for Birla Estates.


2) VR Experience.

It is easier to convince people when you can show them what they are going to get.

Amenities are something that is built at the end and most of the people would want to see a lot more than a 2d brochure. Instead of showing an infinity pool on in the brochure, imagine if you could place them at the edge of that infinity pool. Today this is possible with the help of this VR.

Also Instead of building every configuration of your sample flats, you could build one and others can be shown in VR where people can change colors, place furniture and see what their view is going be from the balcony. You can have a dedicated VR zone where 2 systems can be deployed and people can come to see what their future home will be. This will save a lot of costs as it only takes 1/8th of what you spend in building the actual sample flat. This is definitely going to get you good reactions.

Here’s a VR experience that we have built.


3) AR Experience.

Augmented reality is another good option to convey information about your Project. A premium monochrome model of your township can be built, which will be like a centerpiece at your experience center.

Tablets can be hanged around the model, which people can pull down and see all the animations and voiceovers. Sustenance model, amenities Township details, etc. can also be shown. This can also be done in a brochure where your salesperson can point their phone at the brochure and have a 3D model, which you can scale and interact with. This will be one of a kind experience that very few people might have executed and will add a wow factor in your experience center.

Here’s a reference video for this concept.


4) Theater Room.

This can be a luxurious room with comfortable chairs and a big screen where you can show your project video. This can be a nice relaxing experience for them and you can show everything that you want to in a short 3-minute video.

We could also add effects and do projection mapping in a blank room with white walls.

You just have to sit on the couch that will be in the middle of the room and see different layouts on the white walls. A lot of companies already have a theater room but doing projection mapping inside will be something that a very few people have executed.

Here’s a reference video for this concept.


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