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Experience Furniture using AR.

In today's time, it's difficult for people to step out of their homes unless it's essential. Amid all the tension, people are most likely to maintain social distancing by avoiding stepping out. Your Prospect would want to experience the furniture on your website before buying them.

To solve this problem, companies are opting for digital solutions to engage their prospects using immersive technologies. Augmented reality is one such technology using which your prospects can place the furniture in their own environment, and experience it before buying them.

Furniture companies are transforming their websites and replacing all the 2D images and brochures with a 3D model which is much more interactive.

These models can be rotated and viewed from every angle. You then have an option to place that furniture in your own space to see if it fits well with other furniture in your home. The scale of this model can match the actual size of the furniture when you place it in your environment and you can have different color options to select from, which makes it easier for the buyer to choose.

Here's a link that you can click on using your smartphones and try placing furniture in your own environment.

Link - https://arbucket3.s3.amazonaws.com/Inhabitr/index.html

Once you click on the link, a 3D model of this furniture set loads which you can rotate and see from every angle.

On clicking the button at the right bottom of this model, you can place this furniture set in your own environment. You can pinch-in or pinch-out to increase and decrease the size of this furniture set and then place it in your room.

This solution can be deployed on your website, e-commerce stores, and applications where people can experience all your furniture before buying them.

Check out how IKEA is using Augmented Reality to let people visualize their furniture.

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