• Neil Parekh

A guide to setup any mixed reality VR headset.

If the headset that you use falls under the Windows MR category, then these are the steps that you should follow to setup your VR headset.

Step 1- Start your laptop and make sure it is connected to the charger.

Step 2 - Connect the VR headset, and the windows mixed reality portal should open up. If this window doesn’t pop up just search for it in the search bar.

Step 3 - Click on the drop down menu to your top-left, and start the setup process by clicking on "setup boundary".

Step 4 - Here you will get 2 options to select from. The left one can be selected if you intend to give an interactive experience which involves a lot of movements. And the right one can be selected if you intend to give a seated experience.

Step 5 - The next screen will prompt you to set the boundaries. Make sure you have 3-6 feet of empty space and click next to proceed further.

Step 6 - You will have to keep the headset at the waist height, facing the screen and click on centre to proceed further.

Step 7 - You will have to click on trace and draw a boundary by holding the headset close to your waist level. Make sure the headset is always pointed towards the laptop during this process.

Step 8 - If the boundary is big enough you can click on accept and finish the process. If not you will have to repeat this again from step 6.

Once you click on accept your headset will be ready to use.

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